Hey, I want to give you a quick briefing before you land. This message will wipe itself from the system memory after you hit the Neo New Orleans geotag. So, get whatever you need out of this. We will lose contact with you once you hit the city. Your mission is to retrieve and delete data within an old military droid. This sounds simple, right? Just walk in, blast the damn robot, and pull the fucking data out its head. Then you will blame it on a anti-artificial life group, but not this time. The damn robot is a war hero! A famous now local legend war hero!  That damn city gave him rights, and let him open up a bar and grill of all things. What the hell does a robot know about good cooking? Anyway, the point I'm making here is he a big deal socially and politically. So this needs to be done discreetly. The problem is the target is always within the confines of the bar; there 24/7. The place never closes, and is on one of the busiest blocks of the city. The bar is called The Devil Girl autonomous bar and grill on the upper downtown drys. It's also ran in conjunction with an A.I. This will prove to be challenging as the A.I. runs all the bar’s daily functions and security. Time is of the essence. I don't think I have to explain the importance of this. Also DO NOT try to contact us we will contact you.

nude devilgirl white.png

Don't sleep. . .